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Save the Date

I thought I’d share with you the save the dates I made in preparation for New Year’s.  I know its a bit early but with how busy my group of friends are you have to plan in advance.

Last  year I helped throw a “Roaring 20’s” birthday party for my sister and thought it would translate well as a New Year’s theme. After all, you’re getting dressed up anyway and since I had already made signs, posters, decorations, and bought the music for the last party, I figured why not throw another one. This time I’ll be including a murder mystery element which has me pretty excited.

I’m sticking with the aqua and olive green color scheme of the last party which modernizes the theme a bit. On the postcards I used a total of three art deco fonts downloaded from Dafont and decided to go with a scallop pattern, a popular design of the era. The save the dates are fairly simple but somehow it took me FOREVER to draw them up in Photoshop. I guess it doesn’t help that my computer is a thousand years old and is slow as molasses. Regardless, I think they turned out pretty good minus the sometimes uneven boarders and the spelling errors…oops! Next time I’ll have to triple check before going to print, but I figured my friends would be kind enough to overlook it.

Some other ideas on my to-do list for the occasion include:

Website for RSVP’s

Make-shift photobooth with props

Phonograph Cake

Customized glassware

Antique Gin (or hooch) Labels

I’ll also be doing some recon next weekend at the Midnight Radio’s production of “Bootleggin” and “Bathtub Gin”.  If you’re in the Pittsburgh area check it out. Sounds like it’ll be a great show.


Salivating over Salvage


There’s nothing better than a good salvage project. I love the notion of breathing new life into something pre-loved, rescuing it from potential death by landfill. I’ve been informed (more then once) that I suffer from a wounded animal complex. If I can see even the slightest hint of potential in something I feel the intense urge to snatch it up and save it for a rainy day. Remember those old IKEA commercials about the rejected lamp, sitting on the curb, in the rain? Well yes IKEA, I did feel sorry for that lamp, and I guess that does make me a little crazy.

So if you have a soft spot for the unwanted like me, and haven’t already, check out Pittsburgh’s Construnction Junction.  They specialize in the reuse of building materials and have successfully diverted tons of waste from landfills.

Got some projects to show off? Enter their Inspiring Salvage Contest.  The top three winners will receive tickets to the sold out “Steel City Big Pour” craft beer tasting fund-raiser on September 10th, and have the chance to show off their salvaging skills.

If you’re not from the Pittsburgh area don’t fret! Similar building material resale stores have been popping up all across the country. Habitat for Humanity’s “ReStore” has several locations, and their proceeds go right back into funding their mission. I haven’t been to my local store yet, but the Charlotte location was amazing. They even had a little coffee/book shop attached!

Well, I’m off to rummage through the selection of doors that “Construction Junction” and “ReStore” has to offer. They’re needed for a few projects I’ve got lined up. Stay tuned!

Coming Soon!